Tips For Using Signs To Advertise Your Commercial Real Estate For Sale


If you're going to be selling your commercial property, one of the things that you'll probably want to do is put up for a "for sale" sign. Of course, this is not just as simple as putting a stake in the ground. Naturally, you could do that, but if you want to make the most out of advertising your commercial real estate for sale with a sign, you'll want to give these tips some consideration.

25 September 2018

Creating The Perfect "Outdoor Cafe" For The Summer And Fall


An outdoor cafe area can be an excellent draw for customers as they pass by in the heat. Whether you're a retail outlet or a service-oriented company, encouraging potential customers to stop and rest can bring in additional traffic. Here are some tips for creating the perfect cafe area outside of your shop. Put Out a Sandwich Board Your first goal is to get your customers to stop. A sandwich board isn't just for coffee shops and breweries; it's also a great place for retailers to highlight their sales.

10 July 2018

Useful Information About Neon Lights


Did the neon light that hangs in your store window suddenly become problematic? Several things can be wrong when a neon sign doesn't work in the proper manner. You might be able to diagnose the problem on your own so a repair technician can visit your store and bring it back to a functional condition. The technician can also let you know if replacing the light altogether is in your best interest, such as if too many repairs are needed to resolve the problem.

23 March 2018

Three Tips For Installing Ramp Access To Your Store


By law, all public spaces must have equal access for those who are able bodied and have disabilities. In order to make your store entrance safe and accessible for everyone, you will need to make your entrance approachable for all people. For the exterior entrance to your store, this includes having a ramp. If you are attempting to bring your store up to code that currently features a non-working ramp, you will need to make sure that the ramp is properly installed.

15 January 2018