Creating The Perfect "Outdoor Cafe" For The Summer And Fall


An outdoor cafe area can be an excellent draw for customers as they pass by in the heat. Whether you're a retail outlet or a service-oriented company, encouraging potential customers to stop and rest can bring in additional traffic. Here are some tips for creating the perfect cafe area outside of your shop.

Put Out a Sandwich Board

Your first goal is to get your customers to stop. A sandwich board isn't just for coffee shops and breweries; it's also a great place for retailers to highlight their sales. Even a clever equip can at least get customers to stop, at which point they can notice your rest area and think about coming in.

Create Some Shade

Business awnings provided by companies such as Aubrey Sign Co are a good way to both provide shade to customers and create a very visible, attractive storefront. Awnings can be customized for size, shape, color, and pattern to better match your company's brand. They can also be retracted during the colder months and come in handy during the fall rains.

Put in Some Strategic Seating

If you want passersby to feel welcome, put in a bench, some chairs, and some tables. Those who have hands full of shopping bags, a coffee in their hand, or just tired feet can stop in front of your business, talk with friends, and potentially consider learning more about your products and services.

Get Creative With the Decor

To make people feel more comfortable (and to jazz up your storefront), consider adding some bright flowers and plants. Plants are said to elevate mood, which can put people in the mood for buying. They also improve air quality and the environment, making your business a little greener in multiple ways.

Make Sure Your Sales and Promotions Are Visible

Use your glass and windows to draw your customers in. Sales and promotions can be placed along windows so customers know exactly what your business is about and what's on offer. This will encourage customers to look inside of your business, which can be difficult to do during the mid-summer glare. If you can, you may want to leave the doors open to create an even more welcoming atmosphere.

While creating your cafe, don't forget to talk to your management company or the owners of the building. There may be certain rules you need to follow regarding setbacks from the sidewalk or the uniformity of your storefront. Otherwise, you can get creative.


10 July 2018

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