Six Common Design Mistakes People Make With Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs are a great option for business owners looking for an eye-catching, durable signage solution. However, it's important to design this type of signage properly for the best results. The following are six common design mistakes that need to be avoided when creating channel letter signs.   Choosing a face color that's too similar to the color of the building A channel letter sign needs to stand out well from its background.

4 June 2021

Benefits Of Companies Using Custom Channel Letter Sign Design Services


A lot of business owners go the channel letter route when putting signs up on their building. That's because these letters are pretty easy to set up and can be customized. If you do plan on customizing these letter signs, you'll be smart to work with a professional design service. Then you'll get the following things. Professional Design Guidance  You may have some general concepts for what you want this channel letter sign to look like, but for more specific designs, it may be needed to work with a professional design company.

30 March 2021