Six Common Design Mistakes People Make With Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs are a great option for business owners looking for an eye-catching, durable signage solution. However, it's important to design this type of signage properly for the best results.

The following are six common design mistakes that need to be avoided when creating channel letter signs.  

Choosing a face color that's too similar to the color of the building

A channel letter sign needs to stand out well from its background. This means that the coloring of the sign cannot be too similar to the coloring of the background.

Make sure to choose a color that stands out against the background color. If a channel letter sign is put on a light-colored building, it should be designed with a darker hue. On the other hand, a lighter hue should be chosen for the sign if the building behind it is dark. 

Not putting enough thought into color selection

Color selection is probably the most important part of designing a channel letter sign. It's best to design a channel letter sign using complementary colors from the color wheel to make the text on the sign stand out. 

Failing to consider using a backer panel

A backer panel is often a great way to improve visibility and achieve a high level of contrast in a channel letter sign.

Backer panels are especially helpful if there is something on the building surface behind the sign that will cause clashing colors or visibility issues. If the building surface doesn't complement the colors well or detracts from the appearance of any halo around a lit sign, a backer panel can be a good solution. 

Putting text in all caps

Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to choose all caps for the text on a channel letter sign. This will result in a sign that is slightly less legible than it would be with a mix of upper and lower case letters. 

Putting text in cursive

Another mistake that inevitably leads to legibility issues is choosing a cursive script. Cursive is more difficult to read from a distance and doesn't usually suit channel letter sign design very well. 

Using a letter stroke that's too small

The letter stroke on channel letter signs needs to be adequately large to ensure that it is legible. As a general rule, it's better to go too big rather than too small with the letter stroke. Visibility is the most important issue. It's always good to consider increasing letter stroke size if there is any uncertainty about visibility. 

To learn more about channel letter sign design, contact a local company near you.


4 June 2021

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