Three Tips For Installing Ramp Access To Your Store


By law, all public spaces must have equal access for those who are able bodied and have disabilities. In order to make your store entrance safe and accessible for everyone, you will need to make your entrance approachable for all people. For the exterior entrance to your store, this includes having a ramp. If you are attempting to bring your store up to code that currently features a non-working ramp, you will need to make sure that the ramp is properly installed. Here are some tips for setting up a proper ramp for customers to reach your retail stores. 

Get proper signage placed

Near the entrance of your shop, you should place adequate signage that tells customers which direction to enter for the ramp. These signs can be placed in the handicapped spots at the parking lot for your store. This will make it easier to plan an entrance for your customers. A sign should also be placed directly in front of the ramp so that anyone walking near it will know that it leads up to your store. On the exit door inside of your store, you will also need to install a small sign letting departing customers know which direction to go for ramp access. 

Have guardrails with different height handles installed

A guardrail is crucial when installing any type of ramp for customers to use. On an icy or rainy day, customers using equipment will need to have some help getting up the ramp. Even when the weather is nice, those who are using wheelchair equipment may need one level of handrails while those who use walkers may sit up a bit higher. Customers who are little people and cannot use conventional stairs may need to hold on to a guardrail if the ramp itself is steep at some part. Be sure to allow unfettered access by having a guardrail installed that will allow customers of all different sizes and abilities hold to the rail. 

Ensure that the ramp remains debris free

It is common for delivery personnel to use the ramp of your store in order to bring items in using a handcart. Because of deliveries, you may find that debris from boxes falls onto the ramp. It is also possible for packing, receipts, and other store debris to clutter up the ramp. Before the opening of the day, be sure to sweep the ramp area and make sure there are no holes so that your customers can access the store comfortably. 

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15 January 2018

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