Useful Information About Neon Lights


Did the neon light that hangs in your store window suddenly become problematic? Several things can be wrong when a neon sign doesn't work in the proper manner. You might be able to diagnose the problem on your own so a repair technician can visit your store and bring it back to a functional condition. The technician can also let you know if replacing the light altogether is in your best interest, such as if too many repairs are needed to resolve the problem. Browse through the information in this article to learn a few things about neon lights and problems that they sometimes have.

How Neon Lights Work

What you must know about neon lights is that they are filled with gas. Basically, neon is the name of a gas that is able to produce the colors that you see glowing from the light. The structure of the lights consists of one or more tubes that is filled with the neon gas. High volts of electricity causes the gas to accumulate electrons, which is what is needed for the neon light to function as it is designed to do. The volts travel into the light via an electrode that is located at the end of each tube.

Dealing with a Flickering

When neon lights begin to flicker, it is a sign that an insufficient amount of electrons are being created. The problem likely stems from the neon lights not receiving the voltage amount that they need to work properly. You might want to hire a technician to inspect the voltage supply to ensure that nothing is wrong with it. He or she might be able to make repairs to the voltage supply and resolve the problem of the light flickering. A new voltage supply can possibly be installed if it is unable to be repaired, such as from being too old.

The Light is Too Dim

A dim neon light is a sign that the tube has a leak somewhere that is in need of attention. A leak means that there isn't enough of the neon gas in the tube for light to fully be produced. The areas where gas is leaking out can also allow air to pass into the tube, which prevents ions from being produced. There must be enough ions in order for the light to glow brightly as it should. The damaged tube will have to be repaired or replaced by a neon sign repair technician. 


23 March 2018

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