Bright, Energy-Efficient Lighting For Commercial Sign Displays


Perimeter lighting, channel signage, and monument signage that contains fluorescent light tubes may not be producing the luminosity essential for highlighting your business property. A sign light retrofit involves upgrading the light tubes and fixtures that sign lighting contains. 

Obsolete Products That Are Expensive

Some fluorescent lighting products have been discontinued, making it impossible to switch out materials that have faltered. Even if an older fluorescent light tube is still available for purchase, investing in replacement products that use fluorescent technology may not be in your best interest. The light output rating of many fluorescent light materials isn't as strong as the output of an LED product. Choosing to purchase the same expensive materials over and over is wasteful.

Many sign-light businesses offer a retrofitting service. Retrofitting involves salvaging the structural materials of a sign display. The electrical components are switched out during a retrofitting project. Bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs and modern fixtures are installed during a retrofitting service.

An Assessment Of The Lighting

If you aren't certain if upgrading the sign lights on your property will benefit you, seek a professional assessment of the signage. A retrofitter will inspect the light output of each fluorescent tube. They will also assess lighting issues that have affected a sign's light intensity. There may have been occasions in which one part of a sign light faltered. This type of lighting problem could have affected the effectiveness of a light display.

When a fluorescent light tube needs to be changed, the lighting that is produced is often dim. A light product could flicker or could ultimately fail to operate. Replacing fluorescent light tubes with LED products will instantly provide a display with bright, clear light that can be seen from a far distance.

Project Variables

A retrofitter can perform the upgrades during the day if the sign being updated is outdoors. This will ensure that your use of the sign lights won't be disrupted. Some modern LED products are compatible with the ballast assemblies that fluorescent light products utilize. LED products can also connect to a driver and other electronic components.

The person who performs the retrofit service will configure the lighting requirements. They will switch out materials and test all of the installed replacement bulbs. Your service provider will outline how to maintain the updated signage.

Contact a sign light retrofitting service in your area to learn more about what this process involves.


15 February 2023

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