Ordering A Custom Digital Sign For Your Retail Business


A digital sign can be an important marketing tool for retail businesses as these signs can allow them to more effectively divert the attention of customers to specials, promotions, and other products that they are wanting to emphasize. Digital signs for retail stores may need to be custom-made in order to satisfy the needs of these establishments.

These are some of the ways you can customize your digital sign. 

Static Or Changing Images 

Signs that will display static text and images can be among the more simple and affordable styles of retail signs that you can use. However, these signs will be far less versatile and flexible, which may limit your ability to utilize them for new promotions and specials. Digital signs can be a more versatile solution as you will be able to easily change the text, images, and animations that are displayed. While these signs may have a higher purchase cost than simpler options, their enhanced versatility can allow you to use these signs in a wide variety of ways before they need to be replaced.

The Brightness

Your signs will need to be suitably bright to be easily seen and read by customers. However, the lighting conditions in the building can fluctuate. An example of this could be the interior being significantly brighter during the day due to light entering the storefront windows. In order to account for these issues, a retail business owner may opt for digital signs that support adjustable brightness levels. Some of these signs can even use light sensors so that they will adjust the brightness of the sign based on the ambient light in the business.

The Dimensions

Knowing the dimensions of the space where you are planning to put your commercial sign can be an important piece of information to know. Otherwise, you could end up ordering a custom digital sign that is too small to be easily read by those passing it or that is far too large to fit in the space where you are wanting to use the sign. In addition to measuring the physical space that the sign will occupy, you also need to be aware of the distance to the nearest power outlet. This can be useful so that the custom sign maker can include a cord that is long enough to be securely and discretely routed to the electrical outlet. Otherwise, you may have to use extensive cords, which can be less reliable and a potential safety threat.

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8 August 2022

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