Banner Products That Will Make A Difference


A banner can change the perception of a spectator or consumer who will be spending time at a public venue or business. Banners are constructed of many materials, including natural and synthetic textiles. Banners can be free-hanging, framed, or anchored. Explore products that will draw the attention of the people who are part of your target audience.

Natural Or Synthetic Products

Natural materials, including cotton, burlap, and hemp, may be of various weights and thicknesses. Natural materials that contain stitchery or print can often be laundered in a commecial or residential washing machine. The thread count of a textile will determine how rigid and durable a banner is. Fabric that is being used to create signage is often dyed. Bold-colored fabrics or ones that contain a multi-tone will stand out, in comparison to a solid, pale-colored piece of fabric.

Synthetic materials, including vinyl, are flexible. A synthetic banner can have a lot of adornments added to it. A vinyl banner may need to be washed by hand. A manufacturer of a vinyl product will outline care variables that will aid with maintaining a banner's appearance and preventing paint, dyes, and adornments from becoming damaged.

Hanging Styles

Grommets and cords are used to create hanging banners. Hanging banners are simple to install and can be hung over a doorway, a roadway, or a storefront. Framed banners will consist of a natural or synthetic panel that is surrounded by a framework. A frame may contain metal, wood, or plastic pieces. The frame may differ in color from the fabric that is used to create the signage.

A framed banner can be leaned up against a structure or can be secured to a wall. Hardware or tacks can be used to temporarily display a framed banner on a flat surface. A feather or pole banner will contain a standing frame that will anchor the textile pieces. This type of banner is often used to manufacture vertical signage. For instance, a car dealership or a restaurant may utilize a vertical banner style. Due to the thin, angular shape of this banner style, a couple banners can be used to line an entryway to a business.

A roll up or pull down banner is one that will need to be anchored from the top or the bottom. This style is compact, when it is not actively on display. Once a banner's base has been stabilized, a banner can be revealed, by using the roll up or pull down feature.

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11 May 2022

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