Choosing Photoluminescent Exit Signs For Your Commercial Building


A power failure inside a building can make it extremely difficult for individuals to be able to find the exits. As a result, it is required for businesses and other commercial buildings to have exit markets positioned throughout the building.

Do Exit Sign Systems Always Need To Have Lights Installed To Shine On Them?

Ensuring that the exit signs can be easily seen when the power fails is an important consideration. To this end, you may want to choose photoluminescent signs. These signs will have materials in them that are capable of glowing in the dark, which can allow these signs to be seen without the need to install emergency lighting systems.

Are Photoluminescent Exit Signs Difficult To Keep Operational?

While photoluminescent exit signs can be among the simplest to install, they will require a bit of maintenance to keep them working as intended. In particular, these signs will need to be regularly dusted and cleaned. Otherwise, it could be possible for the photoluminescent material to become coated by these materials, which will substantially reduce its ability to absorb light to radiate later. When cleaning these signs, you will need to avoid most cleaning agents as they will be able to degrade the photoluminescent material enough that it may no longer be able absorb or radiate light as effectively as you need.

Is It Only Required To Install Exit Signs Directly Near The Exit Doors?

The exact rules concerning the placement of the exit signs will vary based on your local safety and building codes. For example, some buildings may only need to place these signs directly near the doors. However, others may be required to have signs leading to the exits from throughout the building. In situations where you are needing to have these signs installed throughout the building, photoluminescent can be the ideal choice due to their ability to avoid needing expensive wiring and lighting upgrades to work correctly.

Photoluminescent exit signs are one of the most reliable and durable options for ensuring that your building's interior can be navigated by those inside it during a power failure. When you have chosen these signs, you will be able to avoid installing expensive lighting systems, minimize the maintenance work that is needed for these signs, and to affordably supply your building with the appropriate signage that it needs. Not surprisingly, these benefits make photoluminescent exit signs a popular option for buildings of any size.


27 November 2020

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