3 Tips For A Real Estate Sign That Works


If you are looking to put your property on the market at some point in the near future, you are no doubt reading up on the best practices available to help give your listing an advantage over other sellers in your area. Getting a real estate sign to place in your front yard is an obvious suggestion, but making a good sign is easier said than done. Here's what you need to do with your real estate sign to help increase your chances of finding a buyer.

Pick the Right Colors

If you are just using a real estate sign provided by your realtor, take a look at the colors and layout. If the realtor's company colors include green or something else that might blend in too much with the surrounding environment, this is not going to make an effective sign. Red tends to attract attention and so does yellow. If you go with an especially jarring color though, make sure it's still easy to read quickly as someone drives by.

The Contact Information Should Be Huge Too

Normally most real estate signs put a large emphasis on the words "For Sale" or something similar. While this is great for getting someone to glance over as they drive past, it's not going to do any good if the phone number on the sign is so small that the person doesn't even notice it. Make sure your phone number or contact information is large enough that it can be picked up quickly. Another idea is to build a website for the house and include the web address in lieu of a phone number, as that might be easier for someone to remember.

Put Up Multiple Signs That Include Interior Photos

If you really want to attract attention, give people who drive past your house a glimpse at some of the better house features without having to go inside. If you have a pool in the back or a finished basement with a wet bar, put up another sign or two with a large color photo of these amenities next to the For Sale sign. That should help pique additional interest and could possibly twist someone's arm if they are on the fence about calling your realtor.

A good real estate sign stands out from the crowd and is easy to read from far away. For more tips on how to create great real estate signs, reach out to your realtor or a local sign company today.


13 February 2019

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