Tips For Creating The Best Possible Signs For Your Company


It is important to make sure that you are putting a lot of thought into your commercial signs before you put a lot of money into their creation. This way, you will truly end up with something that will benefit your company. Remember, these signs are much more than just signs with your company name. They are advertisements.

Make The Lettering Bold

You might be tempted to use a new font for the lettering of your sign, but it is best to use a font that is bold. This will help ensure that people driving by will be able to quickly make out everything you are saying on your sign. Also, try to make sure that the font on your billboards, building sign, and business cards all match, as this uniformity shows professionalism and it helps people to recognize your company.

Don't Use Too Many Colors

It is best to stick to two colors, three at the most, beyond any picture that you might feel needs to be placed in the corner or at the side of the commercial sign. This is to make sure that people are able to easily scan the sign to get all of the information that they need. If there is simply too much going on all over your commercial signs, this might be a little difficult for them to do.

Bigger Is Better

You will want to make sure that your commercial signs are made as big as you can afford and that is allowed for where you intend to place them. This is so you can not only fit everything you need to fit on the signs but so they will really stand out among all of the signs that may be within eyesight of yours. This will ensure that your sign is what draws in the eyes of people passing by and they are more likely to remember your company long after they have left the area. New business is easily gained this way so you do not want to limit the size of your signs in an attempt to save money.

When you make sure to use the previously mentioned tips, you might find that you will get the attention of many more new customers. Your current customers will also like your improved signs, as they might be reminded of just why they have been doing business with you all along - they trust your brand.

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11 December 2017

Learning About How Signs Are Made

Hello, my name is Margorie Hansen. Welcome to my website about the sign creation process. When I opened my first company, I relied on word of mouth advertising to bring in new and repeat customers. Over time, I started to understand the value of having signs created for my company. Once I learned how the signs were made, however, I developed a true passion for this craft. I created this site to share my passion for sign making with you all. I hope to inspire others to learn all they can about how modern signs are created. Thank you for coming by.