Things That Could Go Wrong If Your Transformer Stations Aren't Labeled


Transformers are electrical hubs where energy is collected, processed, and dispersed and where power surges are prevented. The problem with most transformer stations and sub-stations is that they generate enough electricity to kill numerous adults, and you do not want to know how quickly they can kill a child.

That said, all of your power plant's stations and sub-stations should have transformer labels on them. If they do not, here is a list of reality checks (i.e., what can go wrong) for you. You should check all of the stations in your area regularly and often.


Entering into a sub-station area should only be done by a technician that is trained and who is wearing the appropriate gear. Yet, somehow, people think that tagging the station's inner grounds with graffiti is a sign of courage. Some gangs even use this as a means of initiation. It is very dangerous, and even the shortest contact with that much power can cause electrical burns, microwave body organs, and result in brain death. Warning labels that list these potential injuries and the voltage present could help others make a better choice about what they will and will not do for a sense of communal belonging.


No signs means no danger, right? That is what a lot of people think if they do not see warning signs. If death is absolutely imminent in a power station without proper protective equipment, you absolutely need a sign or label for that. Death is not the only problem your power company would face here, either. No sign means a possible lawsuit for negligence and/or wrongful death, so you need to make sure you have transformer labels warning of the possible dangers clearly visible.

Lawsuits Galore

Your power company could be facing lawsuits on all sides. Personal injury lawsuits, personal personnel safety lawsuits, government agencies suing your power company, etc. It would be an absolute trade commission nightmare, and all because you did not have tranformers labeled properly in your stations and sub-stations. You do not even want to think about the investigations process, either.

Labels and Signs Are Your Best Prevention

Do you know what happens when you use your labels and signs effectively? The not-so-smart things other people do, such as trespass on your station property and touch/tag a transformer, are no longer your fault. They saw the signs/labels, and they ignored them anyway. Investigations into accidental deaths are shorter, and lawsuits do not get very far because you can prove that everything was labeled/signed effectively and appropriately.


10 November 2017

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