3 Add-Ons That Will Extend The Life Of Your Banner


If your business is planning on investing in a custom banner, make sure that you choose the right features for your banner. The right add-on features, such as laminated, wind slits and reinforced holes can make your banner last significantly longer.

#1 Get Your Banner Laminated

When you have your banner crafted, be sure to have the banner laminated. Lamination can be applied over the top of your vinyl banner. Laminated your banner will put a thin, clear plastic coating on top of the images on your banner. The lamina on your sing will protect the ink on your banner from the elements. Laminating your banner will protect the ink and will ensure that it doesn't fade or get worn down quickly. Laminating your banner will keep it looking clean and in good shape for a longer period of time.

#2 Add Wind Slits

If you plan on using your banner outside at all, it is a good idea to invest in wind slits. Wind slits are little holes that are strategically placed on the banner. These wind slits allow wind to pass through your banner. If you don't have wind slits on your banner, it may get torn by strong winds or ripped of its stand. If you plan on using your custom banner for any outside events, it is smart to add wind slits to the banner. Wind slits will allow your banner to withstand the harshest outside conditions.

#3 Reinforced Holes

Last, ask for reinforced holes on your banner. Reinforced holes will add metal around the holes on your banner. This will strengthen the hanging holes on your banner. Reinforcing the hanging holes will prevent your banner from ripping when you hang it up. If your banner encounters strong weather elements, it will be less likely to rip when you have reinforced holes.

If you want your banner to last for a long time, get your banner laminated and have wind slits and reinforced holes added to your banner. These extra features will help your banner last for a longer period of time, especially if you plan on using your banner at outside events. 

If you want a banner that will last for a long time, you need to make the right design choices from the beginning. You need to laminate the banner, add wind slits and opt for reinforced holes. Making these three design choices will extend the overall life of your new banner. Contact a company, like Apogee Signs, for help.


2 November 2017

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